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The Manifesto


We, the Vasto’s natives but elsewhere residents,

Aware of the challenge represented by the social-economics mutations on Vasto and its surroundings lands these past years, we all are involved to face it up for a solution,

Aware of the needs represented by the new opportunities for the cultural and economic development contigencies,

Aware of the more imaginative approach necessary for the development of the city and the preservation of the Vasto’s natural an historical environment as well as its tradition and culture,

Aware of the Vasto’s people potential to face up such a challenge, and that such a success will depends on the ability of its administration and its citizen to get into the globalized horizions and valorizes the cultural and economic background of all the Vasto’s lands,

In respect of all the decisions and the rules of the institutions,

In respect the choices made by the citizen of Vasto within the democratic expression,

Assuming each citizen and each Vasto’s lover ought to contribute for the well-being of the city,

Truly convinced on the engagement with other bottom line to resolve the problems of our city,

Truly convinced the remote and unchanged fondness of their inborn city could work for promoting
and handling the new needs of Vasto without personal and neither lobby purposes, nor any group’s
special interest,

Let’s open a partyless debate on Vasto, it’s story it’s present and future,

Let’s fire up a melting pot even for all the non resident Vato’s citizen in order to share with them experiences, records and ideas,

Let’s fire up an autonomous elbowroom that synthesize with concrete and constructive critics the input suggested by the Vasto’s citizen from other cities for the happiness the development of Vasto,

Let’s fire up elbowroom for all the Vasto’s, residents or not who share this “Manifesto” for the sake of the traditions, the culture and the story of Vasto.


Written by vastesi

marzo 23, 2007 a 3:47 PM

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